Our Process Our Relationships

State-of-the-art laboratories, world beating technological Knowhow and the dedication to finding new and innovative Ways to delight the customer results in consistency, reliability and high performance.

 Every step of our manufacturing process from sourcing raw materials till dispatching the finished product is carefully moni-tored to conform to the highest standards of excellence.

KEVIN has integrated its infrastructure and processes seam-lessly to create an environment where meeting quality requirements is but the first step, the focus of our efforts is to go further and create new quality benchmarks in every product we manufacture.

In a nutshell we aim to be the organisation that leads its field of play in every way possible. We are committed to serve, determined to excel and we lead by finesses. Our customers come to depend on us for our astute understanding of their business needs and for our ability to provide superior and cost effective solutions. We take pride in our long standing relationships with customers, many of whom have been with us since our inception.

 We strive to become more than a supplier to our customers; our effort is to partner them meaningfully towards success. Our global network ensures that we are always accessible. Our clients look to us for technical advice, laboratory services and application recommendations. Clear communication, Problem solving, custom built solutions and more make us Powerful assets to our customers. We are in touch on a daily Basis and provide customers with solutions proactively.

Our Environment Our Responsibility

KEVIN believes that the greatest assets available in this world are her precious natural resources. We believe it is our responsibility to leave behind an untainted world for the generations to come.

We treasure nature and our commitment is not just towards business excellence, but rather to ensure that it co-exists With the possibility of a greener tomorrow.

Green would in fact take its place as our favourite colour in all the world of pigments and dyes. Our environmentally sound manufacturing practices minimise any adverse effect on the ecosystems we operate in.

There is no room for compromise when it comes to protecting our precious natural wealth. Our advanced technologies have been designed keeping in mind their effect on theenvironment and we are happy to say that each and every one of our processes conforms to the latest environment protection standards. We have advanced effluent management technologies in place to ensure our ecosystems prosper too.

To us life is bigger than business and we have the vision and The wherewithal to ensure that our business success fits Snugly into the room provided to it by nature. It us our constant endeavour to create better processes, find better raw materials and create a blue print of the perfect eco- friendly manufacturing company. Our responsibility towards the environment has always been one of the foremost factors that govern the way we work.